Race Report: Canadian MX National @ Circuit de Ste-Julie

The sixth round of the 2011 CMRC Canadian Motocross National Series was held at Circuit de Ste-Julie in Québec. First let me say everyone speaks french in Québec, making getting around a little interesting. The track was amazing, reminded me of an American track. The dirt was a perfect mixture of clay and sand, the track formed very good ruts and lines proving to be a lot of fun. In practice I qualified 5th, which got me a solid gate pick for the first moto.

The first moto started off great, I had a great jump out of the gate and came out of the first turn in 2nd. On the second lap I made a small mistake allowing the third place rider catch up to me, the KTM rider got around me in the next turn. I regrouped and moved back into 2nd place on the forth lap, by this point Jeremy Medaglia had stretched his lead out to sizable gap. I put my head down and spent the rest of the moto catching Jeremy, I caught him on the last lap but was unable to make the pass, I finished 2nd right on Medaglia.

The second moto was a little bit of a different story, according to the track officials some one had accidentally turned on the tracks watering system during the intermission. Needless to say the back half of the track was a lake, they had track workers with shovels trying to clear the water during the race. My start was pretty good I can out of the first turn in 4th, but spend the first three laps of the moto moving backwards. The track was really slippery and I was having a hard time riding it. On the forth lap the track started to dry out but at this point I was back in 8th, I put down consistent laps and moved into 4th by the seventh lap. I crossed the finish line in 4th only a couple seconds behind Sjoberg and Benoit. I felt like I rode really good all day and fitness feels better than ever, in the second moto I put down my fastest lap of the race on the tenth lap.

The days 2-4 moto scored landed me on the podium for the first time this season, this was a big step for me and I want to continue to improve.  I am pumped to put the Gopher Dunes / Experts Exchange Suzuki on the podium, I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me this year. I want to give a big shout out to Derek at Gopher Dunes and Randy at Experts Exchange for taking a chance and giving me a ride. I am going to work hard all week and show up next weekend ready for battle.

Photo Credit: James Lissimore @ DMX


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