Race Report: Anahiem 1 Supercross

The opening round of the 2012 AMA Monster Energy Supercross Series was a tough one for me. To be honest with you guys I rode tight all night and i really struggled with my starts. Everyone that watched the race knows that the track was a mixture of an endurocross course and a back woods oklahoma fair race, so to say we stuggled with the bike setup would be an understatment. All that aside, my starts is where my night ended and my starts are the first thing I need to work on.

I am going to put the work in this week and show up to phoenix more prepared and equipt to do what needs to get done. I want to thank my team Experts Exchange Racing for standing behind me and everyone that has helped me get to this spot. I posted a picture of the start of the LCQ below, lets hope this is my last LCQ of the year.

Photo Credit: VitalMX.com & Todd Gutierrez

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